I have spent some time studying a new type of math created by Jeff Cook who claims to have found a proof for the Riemann hypothesis. This is one of the most sought after mathematical proofs in history. Wikipedia comments:

“The Riemann hypothesis implies a large body of other important results. Most mathematicians believe the Riemann hypothesis to be true. A $1,000,000 prize has been offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute for the first correct proof.”

If this proof is correct then among other things it should provide a basis for cracking previously unbreakable public key encryption codes. Jeff Cook’s paper is available on his website:

On Neutronic Functions and Undefined Figures in Prime Distribution

My verification of of the first 20 pages is available here:

Chad’s Verification of the Riemann Proof

Has Jeff Cook really found a solution to this problem that has eluded the worlds brightest minds for 150 years? Were it not for my day job and other areas of research I would probably have an answer for this. I hope to complete this work when I have the time.



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