Phi and Fractals

In the past I was inspired by noticing what seemed to be a similarity between a system that would generate a phi series of frequencies and the system that generates the Mandelbrot Set. I have summarized my research in this document:

Phi Power Series: A description of a series of numbers in the ratio of the golden mean and their associated properties. Also includes a section on frequency modulation and mixing of frequencies of the golden mean.

I have written a java application that allows real-time zoom and pan of the mandelbrot set. Unfortunately wordpress does not host java .class files and I will make this program available as soon as I can find a place for them.


My research info Ferroresonance has also touched on the golden mean. Below are a few snippet’s of comments from the EVGRAY yahoo group that I found interesting.

  • Electrons are transformers; as they need energy to self sustain they acquire energy, as this energy is transferred to spherical standing wave strings they create gravity, M field and E field. Alter any, you alter the nature of the electron “even transform it “. Phi is the only ratio in which waves can “add” and “multiply”, expanding or compressing, non-destructively and infinitely transform of circle to straight line and back again… a spiral in 3d.
  • If the relation is compared to an RF radio antenna, the extra power responds to what RF is called antenna multiplication factor. (“antenna power gain”), where the RV windings are a 3 element circular array or amplitron (in case of prime-mover) and a magnetron (in case of alternator). As in case of an antenna, each element gains are 1.618 over isotropic (this means over dipole used as reference) x Phi 3.141592742 for the 3Phase factor spatial transform field ovoid.
  • universal Phi is 3.141592742 (note for Earth use, Phi and PI are swapped) Universal 4d projection constant is 1.618 (IN resonance energy expands into a logarithmic gain of 1.61803398 responding to a 4d hypercube reflection in 3d matter .) energy diminishes with the square of the distance as area travelled multiplies to the square x phi 3.141592742 (for a 12,000 polygon projection of the sphere to get correct spatial projection.
  • Time decay constant is .382 (standard system entropy) This correlates with Phi and circuit Q (relative also to Kelvin ambient temperature of coil); loss to thermal gradient … IF system is looped electron acquires energy from heat , its spin and ethereal flux …there, (ethereal) is where gravity equation enters as electron goes soft Time where M=MC²/vT , T becomes retrograde creating -G (almost non perceptible if system is entropic. ) .
  • TV: Once resonance is attained the only power needed to maintain it is the one lost in entropy. In MRA as stochastic gain from medium is attained in a self support mode decay is no longer existent where H =I²rT where in a logarithmic gain of 1.618; .382 is extractable as joule potential being non reflective to endotropic source .
  • Non-resonant field travels internally in a wire along with the current (in phase) resonant field travels outside the wire pressed by the internal current pressure inside the wire …(off phase) field forms a magnetic balloon where in standing wave it inflates & deflates imparting the 4d wavicle energyprojection to the aether in contact with the physical resonating element.

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