WordPress Equations

So how do you publish documents in MS Word containing complex equations? You could use the Word equation editor and copy an copy an image of each equation but that would be tedious. 

Word supports a plugin called MathType that can export equations in a code called \LaTeX. Fortunately WordPress supports the use of the LaTeX shortcode for typesetting of complex equations.

You can add MathType equations directly into your document. The screenshot below shows an example equation open in the editor. mathtype-editor

From the Preferences->Cut and Copy Preferences… menu you need to select the MathML or TeX option as shown below. mathtype-dialog

Now, when you copy and paste equations from the editor into WordPress you will get a code that looks like this:

\[\int\limits_1^3 {\frac{{{{{e^3}} \mathord{\left/
 {\vphantom {{{e^3}} x}} \right.
 \kern-\nulldelimiterspace} x}}}{{{x^2}}}} dx\]

You need to modify this so it is formatted as a LaTeX short code.

$latex \int\limits_1^3 {\frac{{{{{e^3}} \mathord{\left/
 {\vphantom {{{e^3}} x}} \right.
 \kern-\nulldelimiterspace} x}}}{{{x^2}}}} dx$

Here the how it renders in WordPress:
\int\limits_1^3 {\frac{{{{{e^3}} \mathord{\left/  {\vphantom {{{e^3}} x}} \right.  \kern-\nulldelimiterspace} x}}}{{{x^2}}}} dx

You can modify the size by appending the s=X code:

$latex \int\limits_1^3 {\frac{{{{{e^3}} \mathord{\left/
 {\vphantom {{{e^3}} x}} \right.
 \kern-\nulldelimiterspace} x}}}{{{x^2}}}} dx&s=2$

\int\limits_1^3 {\frac{{{{{e^3}} \mathord{\left/  {\vphantom {{{e^3}} x}} \right.  \kern-\nulldelimiterspace} x}}}{{{x^2}}}} dx

One problem with the default LaTeX display is that it assumes you are writing an inline equation and so it does things like make fractions smaller. You can fix this by adding the displaystyle code:

$latex \displaystyle 
 \int\limits_1^3 {\frac{{{{{e^3}} \mathord{\left/
 {\vphantom {{{e^3}} x}} \right.
 \kern-\nulldelimiterspace} x}}}{{{x^2}}}} dx$

The example below uses the displaystyle code and is formatted with better proportions then the inline style.

\displaystyle  \int\limits_1^3 {\frac{{{{{e^3}} \mathord{\left/  {\vphantom {{{e^3}} x}} \right.  \kern-\nulldelimiterspace} x}}}{{{x^2}}}} dx

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