There are many free energy devices and theories out there but what do the functional devices have in common and how do we reconcile this phenomenon with thermodynamics?  I believe that the cooling phenomenon present in these devices and more specifically the “cold electricity” phenomenon is an important key. The critical missing piece of information in physics textbooks is that the positive and negative electric charges are not simply opposite poles of the same charge:  they are different types of charges.

The above diagram attempts to place the charges on a different type of electromagnetic spectrum. Instead of moving in frequency/energy as with the EM spectrum we graph the rate of movement through time of a particle. On other words the EM spectrum is concerned with velocity of a wave through space. We can imagine a spectrum 90 degrees to our EM spectrum where we are concerned with velocity of a wave through time or “time-space”.


Consider an atom at rest: There is a positively charged nucleus surrounded by a negatively charged electron shell. At a sufficient distance from the atom the charges cancel, we see a small gravity field, and the particle charge appears neutral. The forward flow of time results from the exchange of photons between electrons. The electrons scatter the photons and increase entropy and the result is the system of thermodynamics we are most familiar with where temperature moves from an ordered to disordered state.

Because the negative charges are externalized there is little or no interaction between the positive charges. The negative charge is a time-forward substance that scatters photons and increases entropy. My hypothesis is that the positive charge is a time-reversed substance that re-orders photons and decreases entropy. In the atom time is simultaneously flowing both directions and we perceive the forward flow of time because the energy interaction is between the negative charges. This suggests that thermodynamics can work in reverse in some cases.


The atom at rest containing an electron and proton would have components at either end of the spectrum. The Bohr model of the atom suggests that even at rest electrons have an orbital velocity. Quantum mechanics suggests that this velocity is not significant because of the uncertainty resulting from an electron being confined to a small space.   For the purposes of the diagram we are considering changes to the group velocity of the particles in the atom.

Because of the effects of Relativity, speed and velocity are relative to each particle and so the speed of light observed by a particle of any velocity is graphed as the distance between the particle and the origin of the graph. As the atom approaches the speed of light its velocity through time or entropy slows down. Once would observe 2 points on either end of the graph moving towards the origin.

It is important to make a distinction between “velocity through space” and “velocity through time”. It is commonly thought that the two are coupled together because when you increase your velocity through space you experience time dilation. It should be noted that some UFO’s may be able to change their temporal velocity while keeping their spatial velocity constant through the use of excitation fields. Thus they are able shift up or down on the time-space spectrum and cross the light-speed barrier which takes them into the next dimension while remaining still.

Neg-Entropic Energy

Most of the electromagnetic energy we are familiar with is produced by the movement of negative charges independently of positive charges. Some examples of this are magnetic induction and light. If we consider a rotating wheel we have a movement of positive charges but they are accompanied by movement of negative charges and so their magnetic fields cancel. As the speed of the wheel increases the scalar field also increases and so we would observe an increased gravity field to accompany the angular momentum; however,  there are few common examples of where we have positive charges moving independently of negative charges.

Using a positive charge to induce a magnetic field produces a neg-entropic magnetic field. Using a neg-entropic field to induce a current produces a neg-entropic electric current. This current has properties that are substantially different then electricity. Run it through a resistor and it will lower the temperature of the material. Use it to heat a light bulb and it will have a softer glow. Many semiconductor components are not designed to work with this type of energy and may be ineffective.

This is the key to running thermodynamics in reverse by re-ordering the temperature gradient. In addition, it has biological effects that may have potential for healing. By interacting with the nucleus of atoms it may be able to alter matter in unusual ways.

Electron Spin Reversal

The youtube post I have written previously about uses the time-pace spectrum to reverse the spin of electrons and generate positrons.  The magnetic field in an inductor will always work against changes in the amount of current and does not permit instantaneous changes in current. If we charge an inductor and then open the circuit the magnetic field will struggle to maintain the current and it will begin to collapse very quickly.

The rate at which the field collapses determines the voltage which determines the electron drift velocity. If we are able to accelerate electrons past the light barrier we will observe a time reversal of the electron. This will reverse the electron spin and convert it into a positron. Magnet motors that rely on a powerful back EMF may be exploiting this phenomenon.

Additional Methods

Two other methods of generating neg-entropic energy are discussed here. I am looking for new sources  so I can add to this list.

Magnetostriction: When an iron core in a transformer is magnetized it exhibits properties of magnetostriction and the material will expand or contract with changes in the field.  In a typical magnetization the negative electric fields of the iron atoms are rearranged thus moving the magnetic domains. When the material encounters magnetostriction we also have a slight rotation of the positive electric charges which produces a neg-entropic induction of current. When the inductor is coupled with a capacitor in an LC oscillator we have a resonant way of extracting the negative entropy. This is the means behind devices that exploit ferroresonance like the trans-verter, roto-verter, and some other magnet motors.

Thermionic Couple: A man named Giovanni Dotto built a device in 1972 that combined the Thompson and Peltier effects (2 types of Thermoelectric effects) to build a special type of thermocouple that was capable of oscillating with a neg-entropic field and was used for biological healing. The negative Thompson effect can create cooling in a single metal conductor while the Peltier effect can create cooling in a junction of 2 types of metals. The device known as the Dotto Ring uses a temperature gradient to produce oscillating positive charge carriers (perhaps positrons?) that generate the neg-entropic field. Interestingly the patent notes “by irradiating the ring with ultraviolet light… a pale blue-white halo appears”.


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2 thoughts on “Timespace

  1. “The critical missing piece of information in physics textbooks is that the positive and negative electric charges are not simply opposite poles of the same charge”

    If this point is denied, the whole known physics is denied because its consistency requires that there is only one type of charge, of positive and negative polarity.
    If conventional physics is denied, why do you suppose that “electric charges” exist?!

    Before spreading the obscurantism of conmen like Lindemann, you should learn physics and why redefining solid concepts of science as “charge” makes collapse its whole construction and so, is illogical, irrational and false.

    • I appreciate that you took the time to review my article and comment on it. This article was written by me about 4 years ago on Google Knol that has since shut down and I copied it to wordpress. I have made a lot of progress since then and I am working on a more quantifiable description of this theory.

      I would like to respond to your comment: “redefining solid concepts of science as “charge” makes collapse its whole construction and so, is illogical, irrational and false.”

      First, I understand the conventional description of charge. Gauss’s Law defines it as the divergence of the electric field. In other words it is an outward or inward flow of electrostatic flux.

      Let’s consider that with the exception of exotic particles there are 2 basic charge carriers: the proton and the electron. What physics tries to quantify is the interactions between these particles; however, when we talk about the magnetic field we are talking almost exclusively about a field created by moving negative charges. I understand that QED does not make this distinction but it often fails to establish itself with respect to classical electrodynamics.

      These particles are considered to have opposite and equal charges but consider this analogy: The upper and lower side bands of a radio transmission when viewed relative to the base band frequencies have amplitudes that are equal and time-reversed but when viewed relative to our time frame have different frequencies. If you were tuning into the station you would perceive these frequencies as being equal and opposite in phase but in your native time frame they would be different frequencies. I come from the EE world and so I have training in areas that many physicists ignore that includes signal processing.

      Also, consider the significance of the positive charge carrier in solid state physics. We have positive and negative charges combining to produce band gaps and photon emissions (e.g. LED’s). Because conventional physics does not acknowledge positive charge carriers they are called “holes”.

      I am not trying to re-define the concept of charge as you suggest. Maxwell’s equations are a marvel and they make a comprehensive system. I can’t ignore such a fantastic set of equations that allowed us to predict the speed of light from the measurement of forces. I regard Maxwell’s revelation as one of the most important ever made but there are conditions that it can’t account for.

      I also appreciate the scientific theory as an important and effective process in acquiring knowledge. For the most part the popular scientific institutions have done a wonderful job at advancing our knowledge of how our reality functions. Unfortunately, in this area I think it has failed to deliver results that should have been delivered decades ago and I have seen enough evidence for me to commit my time and efforts to finding a solution. For so long we have been staring at a glass ceiling behind which are truly amazing things. I have no idea when this ceiling will be broken but I am drawn to it nevertheless.

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